Eat Less

It would do the planet no
harm if we all decided to
eat just a bit less meat

Buy Better

Make eating meat a
treat, where every
mouthful is savoured

Pay More

Most meat these days is
unbelievably cheap, and
there's a reason for it



My old man is the most passionate countryman, livestock farmer, vegetable grower, hunter and home cook you'll ever meet. Lyons Hill Farm is the culmination of a lifetime dedicated to the food industry, and the realisation of his childhood dream. Having been a game dealer, a smoked salmon curer, a specialist global fine food importer, the man behind Merchant Gourmet, and now a farmer, whether it's a pheasant, a lentil or a steak, when it comes to food, only the exceptional will do.


During my two years living in Argentina after I left school, I discovered a whole new world of exquisite beef, a far cry from what's readily available in Britain's restaurants and high street butchers today. Only when I started eating beef from our herd of White Park cattle did I rediscover the wonderful, deep beefiness I found in South America. At the onset of the pandemic, I left my career in project finance in Southeast Asia to make it my mission to find a way of sourcing meat exclusively from fully mature animals that have half a chance of emulating the exceptional flavour of the meat we produce on our farm. This was the birth of
The Aurox Meat Company.