Freezing meat, correctly!

Freezing meat, correctly!

There are many misconceptions, even flat out lies, surrounding freezing meat. Don’t listen to the rubbish, freezing meat is perfectly ok, although, like everything in life, there is the right way and the wrong way.  

When you buy meat from us it arrives vacuum packed and perfectly suited for freezing. Vacuum bags are fragile so be gentle when handling them, you don’t want to have any air get inside.  

The golden rule: freeze quickly (ideally using the fast freeze function), defrost slowly.

When freezing, don’t stack the meat; spread it around the freezer as much as possible. Airflow helps to speed up the rate of freezing. This ensures there is negligible effect on its texture. Once frozen, you can then stack to free up space. 

When defrosting, always allow at least a day to slowly defrost your meat in the fridge, ideally at the bottom. This minimises moisture loss, retaining the natural juiciness. Larger joints may even take 48 hours. 

Never defrost by leaving the meat on a counter in the kitchen or, heaven forbid, using the defrost function on your microwave! Slow and steady will ensure the juices don’t run out of the meat.