Wild Sika Venison

All our venison is 100% wild; we never sell any venison that is parked or farmed. The flavour is totally different.

Originally native to Japan, Sika (‘Cervus Nippon’) were introduced to deer parks on the Isle of Purbeck in the 1800’s.

It wasn’t expected they’d swim over to the mainland, which they did and are now most prolific in Dorset and surrounding counties. Sika are probably, according to many of our customers, the best tasting venison there is because, unlike Fallow and, to a lesser degree, Roe, Sika deer are not ‘park deer’ (i.e. not kept in an enclosed space) and they are therefore only shot in the wild.

They therefore have a more natural varied diet (not just parkland grass) and the flavour of the meat is subtly different, it’s a bit more complex.

Sika are probably the hardest deer to stalk as they feed late at night and are especially timid.

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